This is the first Chelsea and Millie comic page I drew in which I thought to myself “I could actually end up being a pretty good artist for this comic”. It’s ’round about here that I hit a new level of drawing adroitness, and it looks like I’m about to hit another one as I type this.

I’m not really one to pat myself on the back all that much, but I really like how this page came out. It came out exactly how I had envisaged it in my mind’s eye, which is the first time that ever happened (I drew/coloured/lettered this page in August of 2013). As of the present, such an occurrence is becoming far more frequent.
Naturally, I’m very stoked, as I’ve been working towards reaching this level of mind/hand/drawing-ability congruence/unity for years.
Makes a nice change for me to be so pleased with a page, rather than just seeing what I apperceive to be its flaws and quibbling about them à la John Cleese’s episode commentary-tracks on my The Complete Fawlty Towers DVD box set.