So, hopefully anyone reading this who read my Creation Station post last September about the Bride of Frankenstein[‘s Monster] piccy featured here remembered to act surprised…
For all my nitpickery and self-congratulatory self-backpattery within that post regarding my adherence to the correct facial-scar placement on my Bride drawing versus the many Bride-related illustrations I’ve seen over the years that feature irritatingly incorrect scar-placement, this particular pic still looks way more like Chloé K sporting a fetching Bride beehive than it resembles Elsa Lanchester. So there, Maxwell.
So there.

On an entirely unrelated note, do you happen to have a Facebook account? If so, care to flick us a “Like”?
Do it for me. Do it for me because I am nice and won’t be linking the C&M FB Page under every comic-update henceforth à la what Rickard does on the Two Guys and Guy site. Not that I am against that sort of advertising strategy mind you, and I’m certainly not about to quibble over Rickard’s extremely effective methods. Not when the twogag FB Page has over 24,000 Likes to C&M’s 69.
Heeheehee, “69”.

C&M readers ain’t a buncha lackadaisical weenies, we can do better than 69 FB-Page-Likes for our adventurous ginger-haired tykes. Right?
Now dinnae get me wrong, I love Two Guys and Guy to bits (it’s hilariously brilliant imo), but I figure if those three reprobates can get that many Likes (and counting) since the twogag FB page’s inception in 2012 then C&M should be able to manage a mere fraction of that by getting into three-digits sometime before 2015.

Plus I heard that if we can get over 100 Likes by years’ end I’ll then be one step closer to becoming a real boy. Considering where I’m typing this from, that’s a potentially beneficial invocation into the New Flesh that frankly can’t come fast enough.
Plus Tom would then finally feel like he’s one of the cool kids at skool.

Double-plus, if I have to remain in this listless Goth Hell-lite due to you lot slacking off via not bothering to click a link and then click a button, then when I do get out I will personally see to to it that one of you will become my next corporeal vehicle, and believe me when I say I will then drive you into rack and ruin faster than you could say “two thousand poor poor piggies drowning in the ever-uncaring Sea of Galilee“.

De praestigiis daemonum: versio septuaginta diabolorum. Legio mihi nomen est, quia multi sumus.