Although scatological humour doesn’t feature much in my work, I’m certainly not above bringing the narrative flow to a screeching halt in order to make what is basically a whole page’s worth of poop jokes.
It’s basically ontogenic of the “gunshots in the night” bit I added to Tom’s Rabelaisian japery in this page. Filtered through unsubtle allusions to harrowing existential horror. Huhuhuhuhh.

For a dose of my regular highbrow highfalutin pretentiousness, see the guest art I did for The Demon Archives which went up on that comic’s site today, as it contains a computronium-related über-nerdy AI-themed in-joke in the form of two modified versions of the Brus equation.
I… I don’t hear you laughing…

I discovered The Demon Archives a few weeks ago, and it is, imo, effing cool. Seriously, it’s a marvelously crafted exploration into messing with the conventions of hard sci-fi, and what makes the human spirit tick, among many other elements which I am still in the process of wrapping my impressions around.
Highly recommended.