Well whaddya know, looks like Chiquita was well aware of what Millie’s been up to this whole time.

Chiquita’s state of being trapped in the house (to be more specific, she can’t move beyond the perimeter of the house’s grounds — why this is so will be explained at a later point) is somewhat of (an exaggerated) metaphor for my own state of living in hermitude in a house on the Edge of Nowhere — drawing illustrations and comics and having a very sporadic social life at best — for the past seven years and two months.
I have sacrificed a lot for my creative pursuits, lemmie tell yoooou.

However, today I am moving back down to the City. In fact, by the time this goes up online I’ll most likely be in the middle of moving. Moving many many miles south from where I’ve been residing for the past buncha years. I uploaded this to the site in advance y’see, the evening prior.

It’s a… weird state of existence, having no-one, or very few ones, to talk with face to face for sometimes many weeks or even months at a time. I can empathise with Chiquita quite strongly, even though of course she’s had it far worse than me.
At least I can leave.

And it’s high time I did.