That’s all for now, folks.

I’m sorry to say that Tom and I have come to the conclusion that we’ll need to put regular Chelsea and Millie updates on hold for some time, as to be perfectly honest I currently just don’t have the time available to devote to working on the comic, as I am currently doing a very intense computer-related course (gonna build me that matrioshka brain someday, dammit), and the 30+ hours per week required to produce these pages are having a serious impact upon my study time.

That and after having invested a huge chunk of my life over the past seven years into producing comics I am rapidly approaching burnout, and after much pondering upon this I’ve come to the realisation that i could really use a break.
It’s just not as fun for me as it once was.

I moved to the middle of nowhere at the end of 2007 in order to focus my time and energies on my freelance illustration and comic writing/drawing career, and last year the isolation, the extreme work hours and a bunch of other, personal stuff got on top of me, which lead to me suffering some sort weird quasi nervous breakdown.
Hence my decision to move back to an area of far less extreme isolation, and get myself some education in non-illustration, computery type things.
Plus after all this time I’d very much like to pursue having a proper social life again.

But enough of me blathering on about the sacrifices I’ve made in order to make comics at this level for so long — how’s about some info when this comic will start up again, eh?

Sometime next year I wager.

Between now and then I’ll still be working on Chelsea and Millie (and its peripheral projects — me and Tom and some pals/collaborators have some really cool stuff in the works for when C&M returns, but that’s all hush-hush for now, because we are sneeeeeaky like that), just at a reduced rate.
I’d like to stress that I haven’t given up on the comic, I just need a break from it for awhile. I’m still very much enthused about the comic, the characters, and the stories Tom and I have yet to tell through it (we have a bunch of storylines and scripts for those storylines all written out and ready to go at such time as I can put into doing the art for them).
But rest assured we have lots of cool C&M stuff planned for the future.

So, what I propose we do in terms of letting you guys know when we shall be gearing up for producing/updating C&M again is thus: at some point over the next few weeks I’ll set up a mailing list for readers to join if they so wish, and I’ll periodically email updates, pre-production stuff, and the such like to those on this list, plus of course details on when the comic will start up again when we’ve sussed that out.
For now, if you’d like to sign up to that list send us an email at chelsea[dot]and[dot]millie[at]gmail[dot]com (with the subject “Mailing List”) and we’ll add you to the mailing list when it’s up and running.
Plus you could always follow Tom and I on Twitter/Tumblr, and me on Facebook, if ya like.
Oh, and Chelsea and Millie on Twitter. Heeheeheeeee.

In closing, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you guys for reading our comic, and for the comments we’ve received on it. It really means a lot to Tom and I.
Cheers :)

Maxwell V.