I was aiming to have the planet Oscarvaria surrounded by a huge dirty integument comprised of massive amounts of space debris. Unfortunately, it now looks just as scummy as Earth. Unfortunate for us as a species I mean. I can’t even make an OTT-looking junked-up planet and not make it look just as polluted as our own. Or like the Lorax denouement — not that I consider my art skills to be anywhere near Dr. Seuss’ level of adroitness.

However, contaminated though it may be, our planet has George Clooney floating around out there (if a movie Kayla and her boyfriend and I saw last year is to believed*), and the oscarvarians’ planet does not (not that I know of anyway).
So we win!

*No it wasn’t the Solaris remake, oh
good gawd no, that’s a terrible movie,
the one we saw rocked my socks.