And thus concludes the first Chelsea and Millie story proper!
Thank you all so much for coming over to take a peek at the site and a read through the comic, and I’m sure I can speak for Tom as well when I say we’re both very grateful for you taking the time to do so. We hope you feel it was worth your time. The next story starts up next week if ya did.

Also, if you enjoyed it please tell your friends about it if you would be so kind. Help bring ’em over to our side. Then revel in the pleasure you most certainly deserve in laughing snidely at them when they fall for your nefarious scheme and thus suffer the ineluctable consequences of you luring them here.
Assuming you have comic-reading friends, of course. Or friends at all. Surely you have some friends, right? I mean, even I have friends, and I live on the moon.

Drawing, colouring and lighting that multi-layered mélange-mountain of towering gallimaufry is the kind of thing that makes me giggle to myself multiple times during its execution at the absurdity of engaging in such an activity.

“What are you up to tonight?”
“Colourin’ up some clutter.”

I’ve kept pretty quiet about the little visual references sprinkled about in this comic (it’s way more fun to spot them for yourselves without me spoiling things by pointing everything out and thereby insulting people’s nous and therefore being a dick, eh? Heee.) but I assume there are a bunch of us who recognise the homage amongst the hodgepodge that is a certain little Bear, yeah? If not, click on that link and check out one of my very favourite comics, which in it’s way has been an influence on C&M, for sure.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK for the first page of story number two, For Shadow: an Adventure in Sciamachy. It’s a nineteen-page Jungian nightmare of brawling, sprawling, tall-storied proportions.

And there is not one single page that is set in the attic, thank CRIPES.

Cheers all!
– Maxwell Vex