OK, so this is the actual official first page of the comic I started working on for this story (I drew that title page a mere few months back). I drew each page in sequence, as with the next story, but for the third (spoooOOOoookeee) story (which I will soon be commencing work on drawing) I may well return to my older method of non-sequential page drawing (working on different scenes as take my fancy on any given day) that I employed during work on certain segments of AotE.

There are a few “teething issues” going on in this story — a few kinks that get ironed out as it progresses — but by its conclusion Chelsea and Millie as a comic is definitely getting to a good level of solid artistic consistency. Well, I think so, at any rate.
For example, I was still trying to lock down a “model” on Millie here. She goes through a few experiments in proportional permutations throughout the course of this comic, until I was then able to make a final decision on what her “model” ultimately should be.

Sooo much PINK! Doesn’t it make you want to DIE? I randomly developed a fallopian tube while colouring this. The things I endure to bring you guys free comics to read, you wouldn’t BELIEVE.

My friend saw this page just after I’d finished it and she said “ooh, looks like it’ll be quicker to do this comic without all that background stuff like in AotE“. Hahahaa “quicker”. Oh that girl… she’s such a delight with her starry-eyed ideals. We both had a good laugh about it all until I just didn’t stop and eventually she got uncomfortable and left.