I gave Clover’s amp there the name “Vocifero” because of its connotation with “loud”. Of course the design is just a blatant Marshall® rip-off. I based it on my own Marshall® half stack actually, which I still have, despite not having played guitar in over ten years.

I used to lug that thing around from dingy club to bogan backyard party to stanky rehearsal-room and so on near-constantly. Nowadays my amp just sits their forlornly, totally rawk-abandoned, its top surface having been claimed by a pack of sinister little dolls whose eyes follow me with a look about them which I swear is beginning to look a lot like reproach, whenever I pass the amp. I’ve given up on trying to move those dolls elsewhere, as they’re very territorial, and quite openly hostile at times.

They sometimes nip at me if I get too close.