Hello all!
Ever wondered what Chelsea and Millie (and Alain) would look like Lego-ized?
Brick-bound in a Parentally-Scary Lego Dimension?
Well, wonder no more!

I took part in this year’s Secret Santa Comic-Exchange, which is basically a whole bunch of webcomickers doing guest-comics/art for each other, but y’know, seeeecretly.
The person who did one (a fantastic one) for me is a certain Mr. Spencer Overbay, of The Odd Bricks. He even customized Chelsea and Millie’s hair and Alain’s facial hair! How cool is that?!
I think you’re adorable too, Millie.

Heeheeheeee! I really love this groovy comic. Thanks so much for doing this for us Spencer!

We’ll be back into the La Chica Fantasma storyline next week.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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