Ahhhh, Peeps®. Or should that be “AAAAH!! PEEEEEPS!!!!“?
Dunno about you, but Peeps® kinda creep me right the Hell out.
Though I tend to work under the assumption that this is a sentiment that isn’t shared among most folks, as the damn things are rather popular and ubiquitous, and appear to be viewed as being pretty innocuous*; even to the point of being “cute”.
But to my mind there’s just something inherently sinister about their beady black void-orb eyes and their mutated squishy little corpulently-deformed amputee bodies. Peeps® may be viewed by the majority as being a jolly little jingle, but to me they are more along the lines of what I imagine the muzak in the elevator down into Sheol would sound like.

Just another example of the schism of opinion between me and general popular consensus I guess. Trtpt.

Anyway, I banged the script for this comic out over the course of a couple of hours way back in 2011, and drew this page in July of this year. And I may as well point out that I’ve never eaten a Peep® in my life, nor had I drawn one prior to this, because I’d really rather go play about in the maw of Lamashtu than spend any more time around the damned things than is absolutely necessary.
With this comic being put up online finally, maybe people will understand a little better my reasoning behind that statement.

NEXT WEEK: the third Chelsea and Millie story will begin its online run, which will carry us through into a number of weeks into 2015.
I wrote the bulk of it (around the same time as I wrote this Peep® comic actually) over a 7-10 hour period of script-writing where ideas were flowing thick and fast and yet also enmeshing together very freely and easily, almost as if it were writing itself — and hot damn do I love it when that happens.
But more about that comic next week.


*Yeeeaaahh… nah. “Innocuous” like the hideous rictus grin of a ventriloquist’s dummy maybe…