Hello all! Welcome to the Chelsea and Millie comic!

I’m Maxwell Vex and I’ll be your host this evening (whether you punks like it or not, dammit! *shakes fist threateningly*). My esteemed co-host mister Tom “Mr Unpronounceable” Szewc I’ve kicked down below us to lurk at the top of the comments section for his page-commentary on this story.
Try your best if you will to notice him down there, and if he starts wailing and gnashing about “feeling unloved and it’s not fair I’m stuck down here you’re obscuring me on purpose by crushing me under the weight of your words Maxwell you ASSHOLE” just chuck him a sandwich or something and that oughta appease him for a bit. Your sammiches, not mine. I’ve chucked plenty sammiches at that sum’bitch over the years as it is. I mean, how did you think I managed to convince him to co-write this comic? Eh? Ehh? Pretty astute biznesstype-guy move of me, eh?

Anyway, yes, the comic.
The first C&M story, Prologue and Mess You Up — a twenty-five-page attic-antics-based extravaganza of mystery, intrigue and the sisters Gish doing a piss-poor job at cleaning! Drawing it all gradually whittled away one of my fingers! Aw-yeah!
It’s been a long time coming, but we hope you enjoy it sufficiently for it to have been worth the wait. If not, please send all angry emails to Tom. He’s the PR guy I’ve decided right now in the spirit if rank cowardice.

I started drawing this while I was finishing up work on AotE and from there to finishing took me forever! Well, naw, not forever… but a bunch of months, certainly.

Doing this comic, doing the nineteen pages of the following comic, constructing the site via coding it and doing all the site’s graphics and illustrations (plus making a living as a blind organ grinder’s dancing monkey on top of all of that) is what I’ve been up to since AotE ended last year.
And to think, some people have accused me of slacking off.

OK I fully admit I indulged in a little bit of that too. One week I even got the whole week off from any drawing work because I was in the hospital! Woooo-HAH! :D
I had a draining tube feeding into a jar on one end with the other end hooked up to my… actually, let’s just, not, go there shall we?
I’m sure my casual banter here is driving the sexier types among you wild enough as it is.
Jeez guys, get your hands off it will ya? C’mon, there are little kids here.

Right, now that I’ve alienated everyone in such an anti-urbane way by impugning your sense of personal propriety, let’s get on with the comic shall we? Let us… pro-ceeeed.