Maxwell’s Commentary:

Hello there!

Halloween week just so happened to be the week after the previous Chelsea and Millie storyline ended, so of course I was compelled to take advantage of this little snippet of kismet to draw a Halloween-themed pin-up. And who better to draw C&M up as than Dana Simpson’s wonderful/awesome/dearly-loved-by-Tom-and-I comic Ozy and Millie?

So this is my personal attempt at saying “thank you”, in a way, to Ms. Simpson for providing me with a whole lot of enjoyment over the years from reading her comics.
I’ve been a big fan of Ozy and Millie since around 2010, when Tom exposed me to the comic.

I like how the girls’ costumes aren’t quite 100% “right” (Millie’s tights don’t much look like O&M Millie’s legs for instance). I figure Chelsea and Millie have just done the best they could with what they could scrounge up from their (and Alain’s) clothes. Except for the tails. I have no idea where they got those from.
Incidentally, Alain shares my view that Halloween costumes ought to be spooky, this is Halloween dammit, not a fancy-dress party.
This is an opinion that Chelsea and Millie do not subscribe to.

– Maxwell

Tom’s Commentary:

Hey you ghastly ones! Happy Halloween from the other half of the “Chelsea & Millie” creative forces! I really hope you’ve liked the first two chapters so far. Please enjoy this nice little break in the action as we pay homage to a favorite comic of ours.

Dana Claire Simpson’s “Ozy and Millie” is a strip that’s been with me for a long time and which I’ve drawn a great deal of inspiration from. I always like to say if it hadn’t been for “Ozy and Millie” and Aaron Alexovich’s “Serenity Rose“, I may have never even dipped my toe into the “webcomic” waters. So y’all have them to blame.

Funny enough, Max was not aware of “Ozy and Millie” when he created our two little ginger haired lasses. It was only after we teamed up to work on this project together that I said “hopefully no one gets on our case about having our comic title also end in and Millie.” That’s when Mr. Vex got to check it out and fall in love on his own. (So no, our comic’s title is in NO way connected to “Ozy and Millie”. In fact, that’s part of the reason why we added “The Sequential Adventures of…” to it.)

But a “crossover” like this WAS inevitable, despite that!

So Dana, if you see this, thanks for all the inspiration and entertainment! And for everyone else, get ready for the next Chelsea & Millie adventure beginning the week after next (next week we’ll be posting up a one-page comic about marshmallow peeps)!

– Tom

Ozy and Millie © Dana Claire Simpson