Y’ get your kicks where you can find ’em, I guess.

Like how I just love drawing this sort of sinister Spookystuff. Eeh-heeheeheeeeeh!

A lot has gone on in the Gish house over the years. Not all of it… pleasant.
The Gish’s house’s official name is Ravenclaw Manor, after the Ravenclaw family, who built the house in the late 1700’s, when Lake Aklo was just a tiny little settlement — before that family’s patriarch Ephraim Ravenclaw parlayed the once expansive forest around the lake and its surrounding area into a fortune via logging it. The house’s address is 7 Ravenclaw Road (it used to be 1 Ravenclaw Road, but eh, some other houses have been built further down the hill upon which it is situated, in the years since it was built).
Harold here is the last of the Ravenclaw family line; seen here with his fianceé Melissa (who is obviously far more sensitive to psychic phenomena than her beau). Harold inherited the house from his Great Uncle Bertram, and eventually sold it to pay off his gambling debts. He sold it to a collective of shady characters who proceeded to use the house as a drop-off point for bootleg liquor back in the Prohibition days… among other nefarious activities. Ahem.

And I could go on and on, cos believe me, I have the whoooole history of this house pretty much all mapped out. I’ve been working on that for quite some time y’see.
But I’ll shut up for now, as I don’t wish to spoil any future storyline elements that concern this house’s history.