I wrote two of the three movie references on this page. No prizes for guessing which. I may as well just save us all the trouble and just throw prizes at you from the get-go if I’m going to be that obvious about things of a guess-related nature.

Heeheehee! I love how casually Chelsea dodges a proverbial bullet by virtue of the fact that she’s completely unaware that she’s even doing so. I’m glad she tossed that box. Things would have taken a… dark turn if she’d started fiddling with it.
Whereas Agents of the Endtimes was all about dabbling with dangerously destructive devices, Chelsea and Millie is much more about skating around the edge of potential ruination.

I think?

I… just came up with that as I was typing it. So if you think it makes me sound like an intellectual sort of chap, then, yes, that’s wot that fing is wot I was goin’ on about to ya’z was, yer.

And yes I know animals don’t come out of the Jumanji board itself, but when one has to cram x-amount of instances in a Tom-penned montage one does what one can to efficiently convey what’s taking place within the confines of tight space-constraints and dammitall I’m doing it again…