That dodo is the first (and so far only) instance of me drawing that particular extinct creature. I drew it separately from the rest of the page and placed it in later in Photoshop.

Just part if my attempt to come up with some interesting bits and pieces for the attic background that were a bit different than the standard household-items clutter. I remember having lots of fun drawing it, and tweeting excitedly about it all “ah’m drawin’ a DODO!!” like, and nobody giving a damn, and thus causing me to feel so upset about how much effort I expend on just trying to give something good to a world that has little interest in reciprocating with anything other than indifference, that I spent the next three days hiding under the bed and softly crying the bitter tears of one who is fated to remain forevermore as one of the Lost and the Damned and…

People can be so cruel sometimes.
Or perhaps it’s just that they have lives, and therefore simply don’t have the time nor inclination to respond to all your ridiculous tweeterings Maxwell, jeez, grow up already dude. Don’t be so self-centered and egotistical as to take things like that so personally.

One of the two.